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Institute of Baking & Cake Art


The Institute of Baking & Cake Art, IBCA, is a premier training school headquartered in Bangalore.. IBCA aims to fulfill the requirements of the Baking & Confectionery industry through specialized training programmes It is the first training school in South Asia which emphasizes the need for creativity in cake decoration and presentation of products.  IBCA aims to develop and upgrade the skills of regular bakers and educate them on usage of raw materials, technology and equipment for better presentation and a wider approach to finished product making. 

The Institutes mission is to become a Centre Of Excellence In Baking Training and to elevate the standards of the local baking industry. The Institute of Baking & Cake Art offers various Bakery and Confectionery training  programmes for the Domestic, Commercial & Creative Baker. The training programmes provide information in a simple format so it becomes easy for the students to adapt it to suit their requirements, whether at home or for commercial purposes.
Indias first education centre for baking training & completeness of cake decoration is supported by  highly competent instructors with global training and teaching experience. Our skilled Baking Instructors have experience in the Bakery and Confectionery Industry to provide quality training to our students. The Institute  also invites Senior Professionals from the Industry, as guest Lecturers to talk on Marketing and Production techniques.
IBCA is directed by M.K.Gaur, a graduate from the American Institute of Baking (USA). Mr.Gaur has  over three decades of experience in the baking industry . He is assisted by Manish Gaur, Director Training, a graduate from the UFM Baking School, Bangkok. Manish has served the baking industry for fourteen years. The Institute has an excellent infrastructure and state of the art equipment to help students learn the latest trends and procedures in the Confectionery and Baking Industry. Manish believes, Cake decoration is the form of creative art. Just as an artist uses the pencil, brush etc, the musician the sound through an instrument, a sculptor uses the sculptured wood and stone, so does the confectioner uses many bakery raw materials to express their talents and workmanship. Manish has lectured at numerous Colleges and Private Institutes like the CFTRI (Mysore), UAS etc demonstrating Baking Techniques and the need for Creativity in Baking. His passion for Baking is reflected in the excellent quality of the training programmes provided by IBCA.

Summer Training offered for Domestic Participants
Home Baking Courses
Childrens Baking Courses
Dessert Classes
Cake Decoration Courses


We also offer Sales of Baking tools, Machiners like Table top mixers, Decoration spray machine and projecter.
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